Earn Money Online

If you’re new to the idea of earning money on the internet, don’t worry- You can get started in a few simple steps. Choose a niche based on what you are an expert in. If you’re passionate about a certain hobby, create a site based around that. Think about what kind of products you can promote. To start earning commissions, you just need a domain name and a basic web hosting account. (About $60 for a year)

Step 1: Domain Names

Your website’s domain name should be as relevant as possible to the types of products you’re promoting. Make sure to try to get a .com domain name if at all possible. A .com domain is much more professional and desirable than a .info or a .co domain name, for example. If you can’t find a good .com, try to get a good .net domain name. I recommend NameSilo.com – Only $9 / year.

Step 2: Web Hosting

Once you have secured at a good domain name, it’s time to buy web hosting and get your site up and running. I’ve used lots of hosts, and I recommend the SSD shared plan from 247-Host.com.

Step 3: Install WordPress

After you have your domain set up on the webhosting, go into your webhosting control panel. You’ll need to install the WordPress blogging software. Relax, it’s a one-click install. If you’re unsure how to install WordPress, just check out my post ‘How To Easily Launch A Website And Build A Business‘. Be sure to write down the admin password to your WordPress installation. You’ll need that to log in to your site’s back end. From there you’ll want to create a new user account for yourself, or rename the default account to something other than ‘admin’.

That’s it! Obviously, you’ll want to have a nice looking WordPress theme, not some basic free theme that looks highly unprofessional. If you need a free theme to start out, you can browse the free WordPress theme directory right here. I recommend you check out the Suffusion WordPress theme, which is highly customizable. It’s always better to use a premium theme though. You can easily make a very nice site using premium WordPress themes from Theme Junkie

Step 4: Set Up Your Site and Earn a Smart Income Online

Setting up your site on WordPress is pretty straight forward. If you need some help, see my post ‘Getting Started With WordPress: From Installation To Adding Content‘ to watch a video walkthrough. You should also take a look at my Resources page to see a list of essential tools for online business.


Online Business Affiliate Programs


To start earning money online, you’ll want to join a few affiliate programs and start promoting products. You can promote digital products like E-books or video training courses, or you can promote physical products by joining the Amazon.com affiliate program.



Clickbank.com is an network that sells digital products like E-books, video training courses, and how-to guides in a wide range of interests. This should be the first network that anyone new to online marketing joins. Create an account and visit their marketplace to see all the products you can promote. Visit clickbank.com >> – To learn how to maximize your Clickbank profits, I recommend the official training course from Clickbank, Clickbank University >> 



Amazon.com has one of the oldest and best affiliate programs. You can promote any product or service on their site and earn anywhere from 4-8% commissions, depending on the type of product. With a simple WordPress blog and some social media accounts, you can promote Amazon.com products and earn steady commissions. Visit the Amazon.com affiliate program >> – To maximize your Amazon profits, I strongly recommend the EasyAzon WordPress plugin >>


That’s pretty much it. Be sure to follow this blog, as i will be updating it often with more valuable information. I also cover WordPress tips for those of you who may be struggling to customize your site. Follow me to get all my best tips and some exclusive content that will help grow your business .