How To Easily Launch A Website And Build A Business

How To Easily Launch A Website And Build A Business

If you’re going to launch a serious business online, that makes serious money, you’re going to need a website. Forget about any free hosts or free subdomains. Good hosting with your own domain name is essential. Now at this point you should be past the beginning steps that I discussed on the Getting Started page.  The first thing you need to do is log into your hosting control panel. If you bought more than one domain name, go to ‘Add-On Domains’ and add each domain name to your account.

Now scroll down and find the WordPress installer and launch it. Select the right domain to install WordPress on and run the installer. This short video clearly shows the process.

After the installation, the first thing you will want to do is find a new theme for your site and install it. The new theme will look different than the standard default WordPress theme. You can browse the free WordPress theme directory right here.

After you have new theme installed, be sure to go to the settings in your WordPress dashboard. Fill in the general settings for your site. Look over the rest of the options. In the ‘Permalinks’ settings, I recommend using ‘Post Name’ for the setting. It makes the url of your posts much easier to read, for both people and search engines.

After that, create your category menus. Create a few new pages such as an about page and a contact page.

Create great content! You need to fill your site with quality content. Your site will need fresh content added on a regular basis in order to be successful. Set goals for yourself and try to stick to them.

Once this is all finished, there are some WordPress settings you should adjust. Read my post Getting Started With WordPress: From Installation To Adding Content for more info and a video walkthrough.

That’s it! Your site is up and running, now take action and get your business up and running as quickly as possible. Join some affiliate programs. Start promoting products. Don’t forget that a big part of internet marketing is the marketing part. You need to get traffic to your site once it’s built. I hope this beginner guide to WordPress was useful. Feel free to leave your comments below.

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